Are Apples Fruits or Vegetables?

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  • Date: April 18, 2022
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Everyone loves apples. They’re delicious, and they make a great snack any day. However, the question remains for many: are apples fruits or vegetables? 

Apples are fruits from both culinary and botanical perspectives because they have all of the qualifying factors that define them as fruits rather than vegetables. They’re delightful in taste, grow from trees, and contain more than one seed within. 

Keep reading as I discuss why apples are fruits rather than vegetables. I’ll also talk about the defining characteristics that have increased the popularity of this fruit in the culinary industry.

Apples Are Considered Fruits, Not Vegetables 

If you enjoy apples, you know that they’re delicious. This fruit comes from a tree, has seeds, and is an excellent addition to any meal. But what makes an apple fruit and not a vegetable?

There are specific “rules” that designate plants into certain categories, labeling foods as “fruits” or “vegetables.” 

The following characteristics help define a plant as a vegetable: 

  • The plant can be eaten and digested by a person. 
  • It provides nutrients to a person. 
  • Vegetables are the root, stem, and leaf of a plant that’s edible. 
  • Typically, vegetables are known to be savory rather than sweet. 

On the other hand, fruits have the following requirements: 

  • Fruits have one or more seeds inside them.
  • They grow from the flowers of a tree. 
  • They’re sweet. 

With these deciding factors set in place, an apple falls under the category of fruit. Apples are one of the most consumed fruits globally, are a great snack and juice, and an ingredient for salads. 

An Apple Is a False Fruit

Fruits grow from a flower, and they come from the ovary of the flower. However, if a fruit develops from the ovary and other flower parts, it’s called a false fruit. False fruit grows from different plant parts, such as floral spots on the tree. If the fruit is called true fruit, it originates from the ovary, where fruit grows. 

Some examples of false fruits are strawberries and other types of berries. Despite being false fruits, people may also refer to apples as true fruits because of their dynamic qualities. Apples can grow from the ovary of an apple tree while also growing from other areas. 

When you compare an apple grown from an ovary with an apple from a different part of the tree, you won’t notice any enhanced qualities about the two fruits. The only difference between these two is that they grow from different parts of the tree. However, apples are apples, regardless of how or where they grow. 

False fruits have certain defining qualities about them: 

  • They’re usually red.
  • During the growth process, false fruits can be white. 
  • They may not grow or look like other fruits.
  • They’re flavorful and juicy. 

Some false fruits you may know of are: 

  • Watermelon 
  • Strawberries 
  • Berries 
  • Pineapple 
  • Apples 

All in all, apples are false fruits because they can grow from many parts of an apple tree. They can grow as true fruits do, but they’re referred to as false fruits.

Apples Are Pome Fruits

There are many different categories of fruit we can choose from as a delightful snack. Each fruit has specific characteristics and flavors.

Apples fall under the category of pome fruit. Pome fruits are plentiful during their harvest, which is at its peak during the autumn season. Apples and other pome fruits grow in spring and summer.

The following characteristics define pome fruits:

  • Pome fruits have multiple tiny seeds that sit at the core.  
  • They have an edible layer of flesh. 
  • The membranes of pome fruits are solid and tough. 

4 types of fruits that fall under the pome fruit category: 

  • Apples 
  • Pears 
  • Nashi 
  • Quince 

Apples Are Popular Worldwide

Apples are widely consumed globally. They’re nutritious and delicious. If you can, add this fruit as a snack to your diet. 

This fruit has a long and unique history. Apples originated overseas in Asia and have been around for a long time. The rise of apples first began in southern Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for this fruit to spread throughout the world. 

Beginning in Asia and moving throughout Europe, this apple has reached many places. Today, apples are more than just a flavorful snack for many. It’s one of the most popular fruits worldwide. Apples have even become a symbol for schools, poetry and art, and nutrition. 

There are so many great apples in the world, and the number keeps on growing. However, the most common varieties of apples are the ones that we find at our local supermarket.

Each apple has its distinctive qualities and flavors. Although apples can differ from one another, they all tend to serve their purpose of being flavorful, fulfilling, and a great nutritious addition to any meal. Some apples are great for lunch snacks, while others are delicious for fruitcakes or sauces. 

3 most popular apples great for a wide range of culinary options:

  • Red Delicious Apple: This apple is firm, solid, and bright red. Red Delicious apples are sweet, but they have a mellow taste. You can find this apple throughout the year.
  • Golden Delicious Apple: Yellow, the flavor of this variety is juicy, sweet, and fruity. This apple will take some time before browning after you slice or bite it. 
  • Granny Smith Apple: The Granny Smith apple has a bright green color. It has a tart-like flavor, with a little bit of sourness. Consumers can buy this apple throughout the year.

Final Thoughts 

Apples are an excellent pome fruit that has many health benefits for everyone. They grow from the ovary of a flower on a tree, have seeds, and are tasteful. Apples are also classified as false fruits, although they grow from a flower’s ovary. Since they grow from other parts of the apple tree, they’re known as false fruits. 

Apples are popularly consumed worldwide thanks to their delicious and sweet flavor. 3 most popular apples are Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith apples. Apples are so versatile you can make them as snacks or sauces for your meals.


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